Hi~ Here Mers, a spanish girl who one day will create video game characters, or something like that.
Meanwhile, I enjoy drawing, reading and listening music. Although I'm quite shy, I like to chat and stuff.
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I promised some people that I would draw more hijack haikyuu!! au, so here are some of my sketches that have been piling up for a few days. click for captions

Since middle school, Hiccup joined the volleyball club just for the sake of exercise. Since he wasn’t a regular player, let alone on the bench, he never took it seriously. He never realized his potential as a setter until he entered high school, where he is immediately a regular player due to lack of members. He has remarkable ball control and he is quick in coming up with strategies within the match.

As for Jack, he has joined different sports clubs since middle school. So far he has joined track and field, basketball, and soccer. And because of this he has incredible physical abilities and as a bonus he has incredible jumping power. He has a lot of potential but he is however a complete novice at volleyball and is very bad at receiving (unless he uses his face).

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Jack and Hiccup as the living dolls in my Hijack 9 AU~ (which I was inspired with when Saber basically reminded me that the movie in all its glory exists)

Hiccup wears  compass on his back and uses it to navigate through the world and Jack carries around a staff. Jack’s kind of made from a sock…. and Hiccup sometimes wears goggles made from broken glass. Hiccup also has pen nibs for fingers like 6. 

They wander together alone looking for others like them and avoiding robots who keep trying to attack them for reasons they don’t understand.