Hi~ Here Mers, a spanish girl who one day will create video game characters, or something like that.
Meanwhile, I enjoy drawing, reading and listening music. Although I'm quite shy, I like to chat and stuff.
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I said to foolishlittleshark that I couldn’t decided whether to draw free! or Oceanics ….and one thing led to another and well…now we have a free/hetalia au;;;

So here’s how it works!

Haru = Hutt River  //  Makoto = Seborga  //  Nagisa = Nyo!Wy  //  Rei = Sealand

Rin = Australia  //  Sousuke = NZ  //  Nitori = Prussia  //  Momotarou = Denmark

Seijuro = Nyo!Seychelles  //  Gou = Wy